The Casino de la Unión affirms that its pools are still open

The Board of Directors points out that the total time that bathers have been deprived of the use of any of the pools has not exceeded five hours.

The Board of Directors of the Casino de la Unión states that the swimming pools of the complex located in the municipality of Valverde del Majano remains open.

Following yesterday’s publication of the news about the appearance of organic faecal remains in the pools, the Board has issued a statement in which it points out that this appearance is true, and this is how it was communicated to its members “for the sake of transparency and information that we consider essential, requesting the help of the members to locate whoever was carrying out these deplorable actions and increasing control and surveillance by the lifeguards.”

The Casino de la Unión affirms that its pools are still open

Obviously, every time this has happened, up to three times on four alternate days, all bathers have been removed from the pool, a process of disinfection and chlorination has been carried out. Appropriate subsequent measurements have been taken to ensure the cleanliness and quality of the water. Once the water in the pool had been checked to ensure its suitability, it was allowed to be used again.

“Thanks to the fact that the Casino de la Unión has magnificent facilities, and that part of them are an Olympic pool, and another large heated pool that functions as a conventional pool in summer, (not counting the pool for children), it has not been necessary to close access to the pools at any time, and the members have always had at least one of the two available to them.” “Specifically, the total number of hours that bathers have been deprived of the use of any of the pools, as the sum of all the days of treatment and cleaning, has not exceeded five hours,” he adds.

In this sense, they deny that “the pool has had to be closed three times because excrement has appeared, although apparently it has appeared on almost ten other occasions”, as some members have pointed out.

The Board of Directors adds that it has not been possible to determine that these events are the result of a viral youth challenge, “nor has it been possible to prove that it is young people who are carrying it out… and much less can it be affirmed that the young perpetrators are identified”, as “some members” have indicated. “None of these extremes have been proven,” concludes the statement from the Casino’s Board of Directors.