The Casino de la Unión affirms that its pools are still open

The Board of Directors points out that the total time that bathers have been deprived of the use of any of the pools has not exceeded five hours.

The Board of Directors of the Casino de la Unión states that the swimming pools of the complex located in the municipality of Valverde del Majano remains open.

Following yesterday’s publication of the news about the appearance of organic faecal remains in the pools, the Board has issued a statement in which it points out that this appearance is true, and this is how it was communicated to its members “for the sake of transparency and information that we consider essential, requesting the help of the members to locate whoever was carrying out these deplorable actions and increasing control and surveillance by the lifeguards.”

The Casino de la Unión affirms that its pools are still open

Obviously, every time this has happened, up to three times on four alternate days, all bathers have been removed from the pool, a process of disinfection and chlorination has been carried out. Appropriate subsequent measurements have been taken to ensure the cleanliness and quality of the water. Once the water in the pool had been checked to ensure its suitability, it was allowed to be used again.

“Thanks to the fact that the Casino de la Unión has magnificent facilities, and that part of them are an Olympic pool, and another large heated pool that functions as a conventional pool in summer, (not counting the pool for children), it has not been necessary to close access to the pools at any time, and the members have always had at least one of the two available to them.” “Specifically, the total number of hours that bathers have been deprived of the use of any of the pools, as the sum of all the days of treatment and cleaning, has not exceeded five hours,” he adds.

In this sense, they deny that “the pool has had to be closed three times because excrement has appeared, although apparently it has appeared on almost ten other occasions”, as some members have pointed out.

The Board of Directors adds that it has not been possible to determine that these events are the result of a viral youth challenge, “nor has it been possible to prove that it is young people who are carrying it out… and much less can it be affirmed that the young perpetrators are identified”, as “some members” have indicated. “None of these extremes have been proven,” concludes the statement from the Casino’s Board of Directors.

Casino on river boats

In Italy, we often hear about bet365 2022 guide, land-based casinos, online casinos and even casinos on cruise ships, but perhaps few people know that there is another widespread category of casinos, namely riverboat casinos.

Unlike the casinos inside cruise ships, these casinos are ‘fixed’, i.e. they are permanently moored to the riverbank.

In our country, this type of casino does not yet exist, but abroad it is very popular, especially in the United States and, above all, along extremely imposing rivers such as the Mississippi or in the most important ports and gulfs in Florida.

The first casinos anchored on rivers or in the harbours of large cities were created to circumvent the laws in force in many American states that prohibited, and in many cases still prohibit, gambling on land.

The so-called ‘riverboat casinos’ are, therefore, a compromise solution adopted by many states to safeguard and protect players from the excessive risk of gambling while at the same time taking into account the interests of large financial groups and holding companies specialised in the entertainment, betting and ‘gambling’ sector.

One of the states moving in this direction is Florida, whose government has always banned gambling and betting on land but, at the same time, allows dozens of ‘casino ships’ to dock in its ports.

Every day, these ships set sail at specific times, travel a few miles and, once they arrive in international waters, drop anchor and start the games.

Casino on river boats

As one can easily guess, this is a very clear ploy to circumvent the gambling ban.

Many consumer associations have often pointed out the paradox of this situation, calling for greater legislative clarity.

On the other hand, in the aftermath of the terrible Hurricane Katrina that devastated and destroyed entire American cities in 2005, wiping out New Orleans itself, the owners of the numerous boat-casinos anchored along the Mississippi asked the government to allow them to open on land to avoid future devastation.

It must be said that casinos on boats offer the same variety of games and the same level of entertainment as land-based casinos: within the various floating casinos there are bars, restaurants, VIP areas reserved for the most exclusive clientele, rooms dedicated to slot machines and electronic machines and, of course, areas reserved for regular tournaments and championships, especially poker and blackjack.

In many cases, it is also possible to stay directly on the ship or at hotels connected to the casino, thus enjoying a truly complete gaming and entertainment experience.

Among the most famous floating casinos are the ‘Casino Queen‘ located along the banks of the Mississippi in the state of Illinois and the ‘St. Louis Sam’s Town’ on the Red River in Louisiana.

The 7 most impressive casinos with pools in Las Vegas

Casinos are known as an establishment in which a variety of games of chance are played, with money bets being made in all of them.

Nowadays many of them have been growing over time, and can be conveniently found attached to hotels and restaurants. They are a great attraction because of the lovely temperatures of the swimming pools all year.

Here is a list of the 7 most spectacular casinos with pools in Las Vegas:

Bellagio Las Vegas

The luxurious hotel and casino is located in one of the most touristic areas of the city, about 300 meters from “O” by Cirque du Soleil, and about 400 meters from The Strip.

Bellagio Las Vegas presents a hotel for guests with luxurious rooms and all kinds of amenities and details. The hotel’s restaurant features a wide range of dishes. In addition, for the warm season there is a large swimming pool and a bar next to it.

The largest and best-known pool is outdoors, but inside the hotel there is a smaller heated pool, a jacuzzi and several specialised rooms for thermal baths and massages.

Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino

With the slogan “Your second home in Las Vegas”, Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino aims to make guests’ visit as pleasant and relaxing as possible, which is why it is visited year after year.

With its proximity to several popular Las Vegas attractions, such as the T-Mobile Arena which is less than a kilometre away, it is a great place to stay during a trip to the city.

It features all kinds of room amenities and views from the suites; from the mountain, to the pool, to the city itself. The restaurant is in great demand, especially for the quality of the seafood on offer.

As for the swimming pool, it has an outdoor and an indoor pool. Of course, the outdoor pool is more popular due to the pleasant temperatures, as well as the different performances that take place in it, where the guests can find themselves relaxing in the water while they enjoy the act.

The gaming lounges have all kinds of luxuries and a variety of gaming machines.

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

With a great location, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is just metres away from busy places like the Eiffel Tower Viewing Deck or the Bellagio Chocolate Fountain, making it a great place to stay.

With great amenities in the hotel, it is intended that guests enjoy their rest in comfort. To achieve all this, a large swimming pool is featured on the 14th floor to enjoy the views of the city and relax.

The casino features a spacious lounge with gaming machines of all kinds.

The Venetian Resort

The luxurious casino and resort is inspired by the Italian city of Venice, with the rivers and streets of the city, and you can even enjoy a gondola ride through the recreated streets of the hotel.

The Venetian-inspired hotel has all kinds of facilities and surprises from the smallest Italian details of the resort, such as St. Mark’s Square, the Bridge of Sighs, the Doge’s Palace, the Rialto Bridge and museums similar to the Guggenheim.

The hotel has 36 floors with a total of 4,013 suites. Its streets feature a hairdressing salon, numerous boutiques, kiosks, cafés, cocktail bars, restaurants with a wide variety of dishes, a large casino with numerous gaming machines, and even a theatre and conference/meeting room.

The Venetian Resort has an elegant and spacious swimming pool which guests can enjoy throughout the day. Various activities provided by the hotel are also available.

Luxor Hotel & Casino

Luxor Hotel & Casino is located near Las Vegas landmarks such as the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign, making it a great place to host tourists during their holiday.

What stands out the most about the hotel is its aesthetics, as it is inspired by an Egyptian pyramid. Everything inside is full of luxuries, from the suites, to the restaurant, to the casino, which is a very popular place for visitors and guests of the hotel.

casinos with pools in Las Vegas

Its aesthetics, both inside and out, are spectacular as it has very precise details. The hotel’s swimming pool is spacious, with a very welcoming sight.

ARIA Resort & Casino

The spectacular 60-storey building in Las Vegas is a great attraction in the city, where in addition to being a place close to tourist attractions such as the High Roller, The Strip, or Bellagio Fountains, it is an internationally known building.

It has everything from a restaurant and gym, to a large casino and gambling facilities. The hotel features spectacular views of the mountain, the pool and even the city of Las Vegas itself.

The hotel features outdoor pools of varying sizes. Both are surrounded by greenery and have different water jets to cool you down even more.

The Mirage Hotel & Casino

The Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. is only 500 metres away, the High Roller is 100 metres away, and The Strip is 900 metres from the hotel. The Mirage Hotel & Casino offers a family-friendly environment, where guests can enjoy numerous amenities that have been designed to enhance their stay.

This is not your typical place to visit, as it is excellent in every way. The hotel is very detailed and the staff themselves offer a special treatment.

With respect to its aesthetics, it is different from the rest. It has a kind of rocky area with a beautiful waterfall and a lot of vegetation. During the night, a kind of volcano is lit in an artistic way, which attracts many tourists to visit it.

In addition, the hotel has several swimming pools for guests, although the most spectacular and special one is a dolphin pool, which can be observed up close, even from underneath the pool itself.

All seven hotels have large casinos with numerous games and machines.

After all, many people prefer to travel to these types of places for leisure and tourism, thus differentiating themselves from those who prefer to play virtually and usually take advantage of the online casino bonuses. In addition to being able to enjoy playing games of chance, they can visit different places or relax in the large swimming pools that these hotels offer.

Why are casinos built near water?

Analysing the location of many casinos, both in Italy and abroad, it is easy to see that most establishments are located near the sea, large rivers or coastal areas. While nowadays, people interested in casino games can simply go online and use bonus codes such as Sportingbet bonuses without leaving home, today we wanted to talk about this specific phenomenon.

To realise this, one only has to think of renowned casinos such as those in Venice, San Remo, Saint Vincent, Monte Carlo, but also of casinos on cruise ships or casinos built on boats docked along the Mississippi River or in the Gulf of Florida.

There are two main reasons for this particular location: a historical-legislative reason and a tourism reason.

With regard to the first aspect, it must be said that, in many states, especially American ones, there has historically been a ban on any territorial structure dedicated to betting and gambling.

The proximity to the sea or international waters therefore represents a ploy to circumvent the regulations and to open a casino even where national law would not allow it.

A glaring example is the so-called ‘riverboat casinos’ that rise along the banks of the Mississippi and in the Gulf of Florida.

These floating gambling houses set sail daily at specific times and, once in international waters, start the betting.

For years, many American associations have been fighting to ask governments for clearer and more consistent legislation on betting and gambling.

Casino by the water

On the other hand, the issue of ‘international waters’ and waterways belonging to more than one state, is an argument that is not easy to solve: this legislative loophole creates the possibility for large holding companies and gambling tycoons to open casinos even where the state would not allow it.

In addition to this historical and regulatory motivation, there is also another that relates, purely, to a tourism motivation: casinos are often linked to hotels, resorts and specific holiday packages.

Precisely for this reason, casinos are generally located in areas that are very popular from a tourist point of view, such as the already mentioned cases of Venice, San Remo, Saint Vincent or Monte Carlo.

In other cases, then, it is precisely the presence of the numerous casinos that has fostered the fame of the various tourist resorts.

An emblematic example is the area along the Mississippi that has become a favourite destination for gambling enthusiasts.

Another significant example is Macao, the only location in East Asia where gambling is legal.

This region has made gambling and betting its main source of income, so much so that it has been dubbed the ‘Las Vegas of the East’.

In Italy, too, there are numerous holiday packages that allow you to combine entry to the casino with a stay at numerous local hotels.

In Venice, for example, if you stay at a hotel in the city, you receive free admission to the casino.

At the European level, there is still no uniform regulation on gambling and much is delegated to the individual Member States even though, in numerous recommendations, the EU Parliament has asked the EU countries to adopt maximum protection for sensitive persons.

In Italy there is a ban on gambling for minors under the age of 18 who cannot access either land-based or online casinos.

Italian legislation on betting and gambling is very strict and it is forbidden to open any gambling house near places considered ‘sensitive’ such as schools, children’s sports centres, hospitals and churches.

In addition, all gambling halls and casinos must receive a licence issued by the AAMS and must clearly publish the details of the licence on their official websites.